1. You can make a donation for the virtual 2021 reunion on the Donations page. Please specify in the message box if you are donating to the virutal reunion fund or the family quilt (see below). 

Please go to the RSVP page to register for the 2021 virtual reunion. 

We are asking each participating family to contribute $20 (credit /debit card). Please see paper registration form sent for check payment option by mail. This will help pay for the costs of the 2021 Reunion and the reunion website maintenance.  

Our Zoom plan limits the number of connections to three (3) devices maximum (computer or phone) per $20 contribution. If your family plans to connect more than 3 devices, please make an extra $20 contribution for each additional group of 3 devices.

2. As many of you know we have brought up the idea at the past few reunions to make a quilt out of all of our past reunion shirts to bring to each future reunion and use as the backdrop of our large family photo at the end of banquet night. Bonnie Harris is in the process of coordinating that and donations towards this project would be appreciated. The goal below of $250 is for our reunion quilt. 

As of 7/11/21, we have currently rasised  $250.00 towards the quilt. 

*The website requires a minimum donation of $5. We appreciate any and all contributions.
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Total Collected$ 906

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Goal: $ 250
Total Collected:
$ 906

Recent Contributors

Angela & Enrique Willingham Amount: $ 34.80 Date Received: 07/10/2021
"Hello Family! "
Brenda Smith Amount: $ 22.04 Date Received: 07/9/2021
"Virtual Reunion Fund Thank you! Can't wait to "see" everyone!"
Nate Cox Amount: $ 22.04 Date Received: 07/6/2021
Patricia Welch Amount: $ 22.04 Date Received: 07/4/2021
"For Pamela (Cox) Hill Kenya, Yusef Hill Kenya, Patricia (Cox) Hill Welch of Maryland/North Carolina Coxes"
Jordan Rhone Amount: $ 27.36 Date Received: 07/3/2021
Amelia Cox Date Received: 07/3/2021
Melanie Cross Amount: $ 32.67 Date Received: 06/30/2021
"20 reunion 10 quilt"
Libby Edwards-Warner Amount: $ 27.36 Date Received: 06/30/2021
"I want to meet and greet my family! "
RaDenna Cox Funderbirk Amount: $ 22.04 Date Received: 06/30/2021
"2021 Reunion fund"
Derek Brooks Amount: $ 22.04 Date Received: 06/29/2021
"Virtual Reunion Fund"
Phillis Tidwell Amount: $ 22.04 Date Received: 06/28/2021
Marchell Espy Amount: $ 22.04 Date Received: 06/27/2021
"For the Quilt"
Kawana Blake-Williams Date Received: 06/26/2021
"Wow family this is amazing thank all of you who put this together! Sending lots of love to everyone!"
Jonathan Cox Amount: $ 22.04 Date Received: 06/26/2021
Maurice Cox Amount: $ 53.92 Date Received: 06/25/2021
"$10 toward quilt"
Marchell Espy Amount: $ 22.04 Date Received: 06/24/2021
"Very happy to donate"
Larry Cox Amount: $ 22.04 Date Received: 06/24/2021
Patty Brooks Date Received: 06/21/2021
"Happy to participate"
Bonnie/Jade Harris/Alma Amount: $ 22.04 Date Received: 06/19/2021
"See everyone virtually in July!"
Anonymous Amount: $ 20.00 Date Received: 06/18/2021
Adrienne Azama Amount: $ 27.36 Date Received: 06/18/2021
"$20 reunion, $5 quilt, plus fee"
Evelyn Espy Amount: $ 22.04 Date Received: 06/14/2021
Tonya Thompson Amount: $ 22.04 Date Received: 06/10/2021
"Donating to the virtual reunion. "
Margaret Cox Johnson Amount: $ 22.04 Date Received: 06/7/2021
"$20.00 reunion"
KaRin Johnson Amount: $ 43.29 Date Received: 06/7/2021
"$20.00 to reunion $20.00 to quilt plus transaction fee "
Evelyn Espy Amount: $ 27.36 Date Received: 06/1/2021
Asha Cox Amount: $ 22.04 Date Received: 05/31/2021
"Virtual Family Reunion"
Bruce Cox Amount: $ 22.04 Date Received: 05/31/2021
"Looking forward to seeing my family!"
Brenda Jackson Amount: $ 22.04 Date Received: 05/25/2021
Karen Cox Date Received: 03/20/2019