Kelsey, Jon, Gloria, Bruce, & Asha Cox

2021 Virtual Reunion - Recent Family Photos

Please upload your recent family photo to the 2021 Virtual Reunion. Note in the caption who is pictured. You may upload more than one photo, if needed.

If you have any difficulty, please email include your photo, description of your photo/who is pictured (left to right) and a greeting (50 words or less). We will use these photos to create a family introduction video which will be played during the reunion.

* If you prefer for the photo/message to not be included on the website, please note that in your email. It will only be included in our video shared at the virtual family reunion
Matt Cox, father of Edd Cox. Had 2 brothers, Frank and Joe.

Ancestors & Our Early Days

Have an old family photo or photos of when we were young? Please upload to our photo album. Please include a caption of who is pictured.

If you have any difficulty, please email, include your photo and description of your photo/who is pictured (left/right).
John Hunter, Sr. 12-21-1843 - 05-08-1920

Cemetery in Winder, GA

Photos taken by KaRin Johnson, during the 2019 Cox Family Reunion. Current state (2019) of family at this cemetery.